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Runes are the characters of the pre-Christian northern European alphabets also known as the Futhark. Futhark stands for the sound of the first six characters of the rune alphabet. In addition to being characters for written communication, the runes were believed to be deeply magical and they are used in spells and divinations by many modern pagans and Heathens. While, like any other alphabet, each rune has a sound, each rune also has a meaning.

There are several runic alphabets, though only three are well known; the Elder Futhark from Scandinavia, the Younger Futhark from Iceland, and the Anglo-Saxon Futhork from Great Britain. While these three character sets are very similar, there are some key differences, most obvious is the number of characters making up each. 

My rune pages are based on the Anglo-Saxon rune alphabet, which has 29 characters and is the largest set. The poetry on these pages are original, however they are based on the Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem with inspiration from the Norwegian Rune Poem and the Icelandic rune texts. I have also integrated other ancient northern European poetry and texts into my understanding of this rune.

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