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Anglo-Saxon Futhark
  • Anglo-Saxon Futhark

    Runes are the characters of the pre-Christian northern European alphabets also known as the Futhark. Futhark stands for the sound of the first six characters of the rune alphabet. In addition to being characters for written communication, the runes were believed to be deeply magical and they are used in spells and divinations by many modern pagans and Heathens. While, like any other alphabet, each rune has a sound, each rune also has a meaning. For example the rune Wyn, makes the "w" sound. It’s meaning is joy or bliss.


    This watercolor rune chart was inspired by English alphabet charts seen in kindergartens and children's rooms. I have found in my own work that I needed a rune chart as I continue to learn and I thought I would share with all of you!


    Available in standard print or Giclee archival print as well as set of 10 post cards or note cards.

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